molekul.kecil.adda: ~simple story about me~

~simple story about me~

~my Name ADA~
~saje gedik2 nak spell R-da~
~i love to be Simple~
~I'm cool and active =)
~love Shopping but~
~don't have time~
~liKe watching Movie~
~but alwyz fell asleep~
~ im addicted to kfc n mcDonalds~
~LovE everybody arrounds me~
~but don't express it~
~try to be hardworking~
~but always tired~
~wiSh to be best Student~
~but other student are more expert than me~
~lOve my Family but~
~happy hanging with frenz~
~Damnly dream to go oversea~
~but don’t have money~
~Love to lough but~
~easy to cry~
~well,it's just about~
~me R_da~
~So great to know u~
~who knows me !!!!

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