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:::::::: photography world :::::::::

photography, photography n photography ...
 everyone talk bout that.. 
everyone wanna be professsional photography...
 indeed they have no DSLR .. 
me ???
 i want too ..
 photographer wanna be :)
 hhehehehhe ..
4sure i will have my own DSLR ..
 confirm .. heheheheh ..
 when everyone buzy with editing ..
 i am busy too .. try,try n keep trying .. 
i had learnt from utube .. 
n from other blogger who post bout photoshop tutorial ..
so,this is my result ..a simple n "koksey kokdey" editing"  
i wish oneday i will do perfect editing like professinal photographer :)
 lets view my "koksey kokdey" picca :p

i am sorry 4 my bad ENGLISH .
 hahhahhhhaah :p


nor ain said...

kak adda ter..comey edit..nop etep...hehehe

@dD@ said...

hehehhehe, berguru ngn utube ... bab kato a nickeo fizri :)